Youth/Children Baptism Robes

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Baptismal Robes for Children, from the #1 selling baptism robe company. We offer youth baptismal robes in children sizes.

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Children’s Baptism Robes from Kindergarten to Young Teens.  What about the time when that young person is ready to be baptized? No Problem! We have robes designed for those little guys and girls.

Colors Available:White, Black, Navy, and Burgundy.
Clothing should be worn underneath our Standard White Robes to guarantee modesty

NOTICE: We are Now Offering Double-Lined White Robes which are Completely Modest Even When Wet!
The additional cost for double-lined white robes is $15 for Youth robes.

Youth Sizes Available:
Kindergarten – 24″-28″ around chest, 32.5″ long
Junior – 28″-34″ around chest, 42.5″ long
Teen – 30″-36″ around chest, 48.5″ long



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Call us if you have questions about our Children’s Baptism Robes.  877-476-2234

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