Youth/Children Baptismal Robes

$52.00 $59.00

Baptismal Robes for Children, from the #1 selling baptism robe company. We offer youth baptismal robes in children sizes.

    • 15 $


What about the time when that young person is ready to be baptized? No Problem! We have robes designed for those little guys and girls.

Colors Available:White, Black, Navy, and Burgundy.
Clothing should be worn underneath our Standard White Robes to guarantee modesty

NOTICE: We are Now Offering Double-Lined White Robes which are Completely Modest Even When Wet!
The additional cost for double-lined white robes is $15 for Youth robes.

Youth Sizes Available:
Small – 24″-28″ around chest, 32.5″ long
Medium – 28″-34″ around chest, 42.5″ long
Large – 30″-36″ around chest, 48.5″ long

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Weight 2 lbs